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There have been some big and exciting changes happening at 2nd Floor. We have seen our client base change over the last couple of years from small businesses and corporate clients who want big, bespoke websites to entrepreneurs with a much smaller budget who need an online presence which needs to be eye catching but simple. They often also want a quick turnaround because they’ve had an idea, they’ve mentioned it to someone who loves it and asks how quickly they can make it happen. So, because of this we put together a simple web package that allowed us to work with the client to create a website for them in a short timescale and they were always really happy with the outcome.

We decided to take it a step further and instead of just using this package with that kind of client when they come to us, we have turned it into a product that can be purchased off the shelf and we have called it Ready Steady Websites®. We have thoroughly researched every industry that we have created a website template for so that they are tailored to the needs of that industry and really speak to the clients of the website owner when they visit their website. The templates we have created so far are for coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, speakers, fitness professionals and wellness practitioners. We have many more planned for release in the future, but these reflect the clients we have been working with over the last 18 months.

Not only have we packaged up website templates, but we have also created templates for membership websites that reflect the feel of our website templates so that people could use Ready Steady Websites® for both of their sites and have consistency across both. There are so few people out there who offer membership site templates and even fewer at a reasonable price and we are incredibly proud of what we have created.

Also, Ready Steady Websites® isn’t quite the same as other off the shelf packages because we will hold your hand as much as you need to create your website along the way. We will provide you with your website on a test domain so you can get it just right on there before it goes live for the world to see. We can set the template up for you with your branding including, logo, fonts and colours. If you know which pages you need on your website, we will set the template up with the right pages for you. We have a membership website that you will have access to which is full of training videos and tutorials to guide you through the process of uploading your images and content and much more. We will be available for support in our Facebook group and via private support tickets if you need to ask any questions and we will also check your website over when you think it’s ready to go live and put it live for you.

We think it is so important for people to be in control of their own website. It’s a big part of your business that the whole world can see and it’s important that you have access to it to keep it up to date and keep it secure. It amazes us how many people have no idea about how to access their website to make changes and whether you are using Ready Steady Websites® or working with us as 2nd Floor, that is one thing we will make sure you know how to do.

If it sounds like Ready Steady Websites® might be for you then take a look at the templates and everything that is included in the price at If you still need or want a bespoke website, all done for you then 2nd Floor is still the place for you. Get in touch via our Contact page and we can chat about your requirements or if you’re not sure which would be best for you, we can chat through your requirements and advise you on which route would be best for your website.

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