Organic Heart

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Heart with a hand made feel.

What do you get?

The logo in the colour shown above, plus a black version and a white version. In the zip you will find RGB versions for web/digital and CMYK versions for print along with vector formats that a printer or designer will be able to work with at any scale.

Please remember

All logos are sold as is (including any colours) and will be provided instantly as a zip file once purchased. If you need a colour change or your company name adding you’ll need to purchase one of the optional extras (below) as part of your order. For example, if you see a blue logo you will get a blue logo, if you want it red, that’s fine but you’ll need to purchase the “Change Logo Colour” recommended extra, if you want your company name added, you’ll need to purchase the “Add Company Name” extra.

If you are looking to buy one of the logos based on a single letter or initials, then it’s important to ensure that the initial(s) work for you e.g. if a logo uses the letter “N” and you want the letter “A”, that is not possible. However if a letter can be flipped or rotated to make another letter, e.g. an “M” makes a “W” or a “Z” makes an “N” then just reply to your email when you purchase, we’ll flip or rotate the logo for you free of charge.

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