Danetti sell high quality sofas, chairs, tables, cabinets, coffee tables, bar stools, and much more besides all via their online shop.

Tom from Danetti approached us via Twitter and we set to work discussing their current website and how they wanted to improve.

The key driver for Tom (Technical lead) and Daniel (Managing Director) was to really showcase the quality of their furniture and for the site to respond well on mobile and tablet devices.

We also undertook a minor brand update to improve the red colour value and improve some of the overall composition of the logo.




We liaised with Tom throughout the whole process, creating static designs and responsive HTML and CSS for Tom to integrate into his bespoke Danetti web application.

After Tom was finished integrating, we spent 3 days with the team tidying up any integration issues, making improvements and adding in any new features that had been added during the development process.

Danetti “in-housed” their design team and have since made some major changes to the design and code, so no link for this project.

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