Jo Soulsby

Jo Soulsby is a Start-up Mentor who runs her own Start-up Academy for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Jo came to us on recommendation and wanted a brand that felt modern, upbeat and solid.

Working with Chris took all of the hard work out of my branding and it was a great experience – he made everything easy and really took the time to understand my vision and industry. We worked together to create my social media assets, logo, fonts and colour palette from scratch.


Chris has more patience than a saint and answered endless questions as I deliberated endlessly over colours and fonts. I highly recommend working with Chris if you’re ready to create your brand or ready to launch a website or membership site, you’re in safe hands. He works with people in my industry that I truly admire and so it was a no brainer working with him as I built my business.

We worked with Jo on her brand motif. She wanted to instil in her clients that in order to build a business you have to fulfil the core values of taking action, starting now and becoming unstoppable. When each of these core values are followed and kept consistent, you and your business become unstoppable.

The most important part of branding is to keep your brand consistent across every touch point your customers or potential customers have with you so we also worked with Jo on her lead magnets and social banners as part of our brand and social package.

You can find out more about Jo on Facebook.

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