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We are good at many things, but this is what we focus on...

We don’t just make things look pretty at 2nd Floor, we create experiences for you and your customers that bring value to you and a return on your investment with us.


We will work with you to understand how you and your business tick. We will be able to advise you on the online or digital side of your business and produce a strategy which best meets your business objectives.

You can use our consultancy service as a standalone service where we can work with you or your team. Let’s say you have a physical premises, a website, a mobile app and a third party booking system. You want these all to provide your customers with a consistent experience. This is something we’re great at. We’re used to liaising with multiple agencies, disciplines and teams. We’re good at getting people to see the bigger picture and at building a great brand experience for your customers, at all touch points.

If you come to us for branding, web design or web build we will undertake a consultancy phase with you. It is important to us to understand who you are so that we can provide the best work so you hit your business goals and key performance indicators.

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Web & UI Design

We have been designing and building websites and user interfaces for over 15 years. We like to work with you and really understand what your business or product needs, designing something that is not only unique but 100% you.

Brand & Print Design

We have worked with companies across the world, building their brand from scratch or providing a much needed refresh. Your brand is safe in our hands. We will sit down with you and your team and work out what makes your company unique and develop your brand from there.

Web Build

You don’t have to hire us to do “the whole package”. Many of our clients engage 2nd Floor to re-build their current website, improving speed, mobile/tablet optimisation and bringing the latest techniques to their website.

WordPress is our Content Management System (CMS) of choice, but we don’t stop there. We have helped build websites, web apps, user interfaces and mobile apps on a variety of different platforms.


We do vector illustrations but we also like the organic touch and have used our hand drawn work on a number of different projects.

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