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Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, have a start up? It’s really important to get your business out there and having a beautifully functioning website is crucial to this. A solid website says you really mean business. If you are ready to get your business online or need to rethink your current website then this group is right for you.

We will check in to the group a couple of times a day to answer any questions and sometimes Chris will spend a dedicated hour in the group so if you are around in those slots you can get speedy answers to your questions. We will also share blog posts, Facebook lives, courses, downloads and anything else that we think could be useful to group members.

Chris is the resident WordPress expert in the group but if other group members see questions that they can answer then we want to encourage this. We would like group members to help each other to use WordPress. We do want this to be a supportive group with the attitude that no question is too silly to ask. If you are answering a question then please don’t suggest that people “Google it”. One of the reasons we started this group was because so many other WordPress groups on Facebook aren’t friendly and the response to many questions was along the lines of, “Don’t waste our time, Google it.”. Now we know that it isn’t that simple and Google can produce an overwhelming list of contradictory results which doesn’t help at all.

If we see any comments or posts that we don’t feel to be supportive or are rude and confrontational then we will delete them and remove people from the group. Quality is very important to us, so if you add links, videos or images that we feel do not answer the question of the original post or provide confusing information at a low quality of delivery we will delete them and in some circumstances remove people from the group. We will try to keep an eye on all questions or comments but as the group grows that may become more difficult, so we need you to help us. Please flag any posts or comments that you feel aren’t appropriate and we will deal with them as quickly as we can. Thank you to those who have already done this!

Please don’t SPAM everyone with unsolicited links to your products or services out of context. We are obviously completely happy for people to share links to their own stuff when it is relevant to a question or post but please don’t fill up the feed with it. Thank you! However, we will give you the opportunity from time to time to share the WordPress project that you are currently working on. This can be a great way to get feedback from others if you want it and it might also be a nice bit of publicity. We will also mention some of our courses in the group from time to time. We feel our courses are really relevant to many of you in the group and some of them are free!

If you are new to the group please do post to say “Hi” so that we can welcome you.

As the group changes and grows we will continue to review and adapt the rules as we feel is necessary to keep the group great!

Happy WordPressing!

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