How to Create Your Brand

Last week we went through all the stuff that no one ever tells you (and you don’t think you have time to think) about. This week, we are going to continue your journey with creating a lasting brand you can be proud of. Creating a brand can be a difficult task and is often a very personal and subjective journey. However, I want to start you off thinking about some of the basics of your brand and outlining a few things you should think about.

Do you want a logo mark?

As in a separate identifiable symbol of your brand that you want to be recognised without any company title? Think Nike’s Swoosh and Twitter’s Bird.

Do you want a strapline?

This can be helpful if your company name isn’t related to what you do. For example: Jade Smith / Personal Trainer

Your logo should work in black & white

Why? Well you don’t know what you may want to end up using it on, T-shirts, stickers, posters.

Pick a colour palette

You should choose a colour palette to accompany your brand. Choose your key “accent” colour and two secondary colours you can use with it. Then choose grayscale colours that would work well for text elements. You don’t need to use these in the logo but they are useful for applying to your other brand materials and website in the future.

Next week we’ll be delving a little deeper into the psychology of colour, which will help you hone in and connect with the emotion and perception we talked about last week.

Choose two fonts that work well together

One that would work as a heading and one as standard copy. Google Fonts has pairing suggestions on each of its individual font pages. In a future blog post we’re going to cover some basics of typography and how to identify which fonts work pair well, but for now it’s worth starting with Google Fonts so you can see what works well together based on their suggestions.

Iteration is key

Your initial brand doesn’t have to be your forever brand. Just like you it will evolve and grow, change and flow as you find your way. Don’t let perfection and fear stop you from getting something out there, you can always come back and adapt it.

If you’re feeling stuck and don’t know which way to go with your brand, just get in touch and let’s talk through your ideas.


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