Craig and Tom came to us following a recommendation from one of our other lovely clients. Based in Scotland, they initially wanted a local company to help them redesign their current brand and designing a whole new web app to go with it. After a brief chat with Craig on the phone I explained our process, our keenness for open communication on projects and the availability of free communication tools like Skype, Google Hangout and Google Docs. Craig and Tom were convinced we could do the job for them and location wasn’t an issue at any stage of the project.

The idea of is to make group collaboration easy. Organising a party, get together or even a simple coffee with multiple people is always tricky. Craig and Tom wanted to make this process easy for everyone.

The first aspect of work we looked at was their brand name, we didn’t think it was a good fit for where they were trying to go with their company. It wasn’t memorable enough or unique enough.

Luckily Craig and Tom took this feedback on board and after a week of internal discussions, came back to us with a new idea and had even purchased the domain names!

We set to work on a simple logo design that would work across mediums, platforms and devices. We often sketch a lot during the process and like to share our work of progress sketches as we go. We explored a couple of concepts, honing one to what you see here.


Designing the Web App

Tom and Craig had a very clear idea of what they wanted from the Web App, they already had a prototype in place that had been up and running with users. It suffered from some UX issues as well as an unified design.

We worked hard with Craig and Tom to refine the process of picking dates, minimising additional screens, working on user flows and journeys and making the whole process a lot simpler.

Below is the flow for the on-boarding process for a new user.


As most of their current userbase had a large mobile biased, the web app was designed mobile-first. We concentrated on designing for what could be created using CSS wherever possible and kept imagery to a minimum. We even provided another design option the home screens with full colour blocks rather than imagery for speed of loading on devices. We provided static visuals for Tom and Craig to work from of every single interaction as they already had a development team in place.

This ranged across mobile, tablet and desktop – by the end of the project we had mapped out around 50 interactions and pages across these to work from.

We also provided one of our mini brand packs detailing the colours, font choices and logo usage for future usage of the brand across other mediums and other products.


Unfortunately, decidz went out of business in 2017, so there is no link for this project.


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