Jonathan from MEGAMAC approached us to update their brand identity and logo.

MEGAMAC is a premium specialist supplier of Apple hardware, accessories and peripherals. A UK owned and operated company,  serving their customers since 2012.

So, we set to work on something distinctive that could be used on laptop stickers, stamps for boxes, website and social profiles.

As usual everything started with a number of discussions and research with MEGAMAC. After we were happy we had something to work from we created a number of rough sketches around motifs, using M+M as a letter treatment, we came up with something Jonathan wanted to explore more.






We chose a logotype and logo mark that were strong enough to work individually and be recognisable.






As with all of the brand identities we create we also create a supporting document we like to call our “Mini Brand Guidelines”. This gave MEGAMAC our recommended fonts, colours and logo usage in an easily digestible document. As we were handing the brand over to be used by a separate web design and development team this was important for the MEGAMAC team to use as a basis for their redesign.






You can see how the brand came together on the MEGAMAC website.

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