Nora Szanto

Nora is a Mindset & High Performance Business Strategist who helps female entrepreneurs to achieve breakthrough results in just 90 days.

Nora came to us for a new brand and simple website. We went with a simple typeface logo, where the “T” stretched out to the “O” to replicate the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) tapping points.

I started working with Chris about 6 months ago. Although he came with great recommendations, I was rather sceptical because I had really negative experiences in the past. Every time when someone told me that I should create my personal brand either I froze or I became super tense. There is no way that I am going through that nightmare process again of creating a new logo, let alone launching a new website. But honestly, there was nothing negative about working with Chris! On the contrary. He is extremely professional, always respects the deadlines and always ready to go the extra mile. And the result? Absolutely stunning! I get booked by clients just by them looking at my website. You know how the first impressions matter! I cannot recommend Chris highly enough!

When it came to designing and building out the website, we worked with Nora to get some high quality photographs done with our brilliant brand photographer. Nora had a clear idea of the content which helped us quickly shape the design and build the website.

You can find out more about Nora on her website at

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