Martin Stevens

Martin came to us, looking to refresh his current brand and create something more personal to him.Martin Stevens’ company is a specialist Project and Programme management company. It was important that the brand fitted in the corporate world but was also modern and upbeat.

Chris undertook a branding refresh for my consultancy business.  He was attentive to our needs, carefully eliciting the attributes that we wished the brand to connote. The outstanding result was a stylish, light, fresh and modern re-interpretation of our business image. Not only were we very happy with the outcome, but clients and associates have remarked how much they like the new look too.Martin Stevens, Director

We went through a number of initial ideas working with the honeycomb shape as one of the main parts of the identity that Martin wanted to keep.

Martin already had office furniture in his brand blue, so this needed to be reflected across his logo too. We settled on the use of a simple tick on the ‘V’ of Stevens and re-worked the honeycomb into a more modern twist.

We created a repeatable pattern using the honeycomb so that Martin was able to use this on his brochureware, worksheets and lead magnets.

After deciding on suitable fonts and colours, we put the full logo together with the ‘V’ tick and the honeycomb design.

You can read more about Martin Stevens on his website.

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