Mobicast is The Video Gateway, the most privileged place for consumers, content owners, distributors and brands to get maximum value from video content.

The team brought us on board to manage their brand presence and bring unity to 3 disparate arms of the business: Corporate website, Online Video Library website (called Play) and their Mobile App SDK.

We started with the Play website which is a contender for YouTube. We took this from a templated website based on Twitter’s Bootstrap into something unique and bold.

We then wireframed and redesigned the back end for loading the Play website content, taking it from a simple form input to a more usable dashboard experience.

Mobicast Dashboard screenshot

The Mobicast Mobile App is built and designed to be completely re-brandable via their SDK, so it was important that the brand wasn’t “baked” into the Mobile App too tightly. It had to work with a variety of colours and branding.

Mobicast Mobile App

Alongside the Play website and the Mobile App we also designed and built the main corporate website. This was delivered via Github pages. We went for a bold look, showcasing the video capabilities of the Mobicast platform with a set of simple and custom illustrations to support the content.

The project was a real success. Branding now matched the project roadmap and the whole remote team now has a set of guidelines along with a visual library to work with.

UPDATE: Unfortunately Mobicast did not secure their next round of seed funding and the project is currently on hold.

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