Kevin Gaskell

Kevin is a serial entrepreneur who has built international companies from ‘a good idea’ creating over £3 billion in shareholder value. He’s a keen adventurer, finding time to climb the world’s highest mountains, walk to both North and South Poles, compete in international sport and play in a rock band.

Kevin approached us to work on his brand identity on a recommendation from one of our happy clients, Maria Franzoni.

After a number of in-depth discussions with Kevin, we felt he needed something creative that summed up both his professionalism and adventurous side.

“Simple, straightforward and with a story… great!”

We used the “A” as a logo device denoting upwards motion, with a nod to both a mountain and a compass for adventure, navigation and direction: leading the way.

We also created a “brand stamp” that Kevin was able to use as a social avatar and for printed materials.

Here is how the logo mark and typeface evolved from the initial thought process into the final brand.

You can find out more about what Kevin does on his website at

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