School of Facilitation is a global community of facilitators and trainers, coming together to think, do and be better. Kirsty Lewis, the founder, came to us on recommendation from a number of mutual contacts for a freshening up of her brand and her website.

After a number of discussions and a review of the kind of work SOF did, we came up with the idea of an inter-connected logo, which promoted inclusion and community.

The “O” itself is connected to every single point, full hyper-connectivity without leaving anyone out, which is exactly what SOF is all about!

SOF had a number of sub-brands. The hyper-connectivity of the logo allows us to play with the overall brand when it comes to the sub-marks, brands and products that exist now but also in the future. You can see in the middle, the placement of each sub brand on the overall ‘O’ logo mark. The brand is connected with it’s sub-brands. The more products, brands and marks that SOF create along their journey, the more of the ‘O’ can be used.

SOF also have a “Collective” that needed a standalone sub brand that still was a part of the overall brand.

and for when SOF expand into other areas, a location based branding was also required.

Finally, they’re old Wix website was in need of a lot of love. We helped them completely restructure their website, moving them onto our platform of choice, WordPress.

You can find out more about School of Facilitation on their website.

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