Steve at ReviewRail came to us on recommendation from another client. Based in Austin, Texas – ReviewRail makes Reviews and Referrals easy allowing you to generate feedback and increase online reviews and referrals.

Steve tasked us to create the back-end web application design and HTML/CSS for the front-end login and registration screens, along with a reusable widget that clients can embed on their own websites.

Steve had a clear idea of where he wanted to go with the functionality, however nothing had been solidified. We worked with Steve to refine his ideas and he built out a whole set of wireframes for us to work from capturing everything he needed.



We designed out all of the key back-end screens for Steve in desktop view, explaining how things would work across mobile and tablet. To keep budgets low Steve trusted that our approach for mobile and design would be sensible and intuitive enough that he’d wait to see what we’d come up with once he saw the code running in the browser.

All in all we designed 30 individual screens to cover all of the functionality across the 50 or so wireframes Steve had provided us with. This way the developer we handed the code over too would be able to cherry pick the components needed from our HTML/CSS.






The front-end widget was designed to work in as many browsers and websites as possible. As the widget is to be embedded via JavaScript, we made sure the code was compartmentalised so that it would not cause conflicts with the website it was being embedded into. For the first iteration we provided a light and dark format along with slimline and wide formats.

01-ReviewRail-Review-Widget-Mobile-Light 02-ReviewRail-Review-Widget-Mobile-Dark

We also demonstrated these on Photoshop mock-ups of various light, dark and in-between websites to make sure the widget integrated well in a number of environments and designs.

Needless to say Steve was thrilled with the outcome, his first email back to us simply said…

Holy **** it looks incredible!

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