Jody + Lara

Jody + Lara is all about allowing girls to be girls, to allow them to have fashionable performance swimwear which gives them confidence and pride and not exposure and insecurity. A range of products that will make them feel secure, confident and able to have fun in the water no matter what watersport or beach slide they find themselves on.

Lucy initially came to us with an entirely different brand name. After taking Lucy through our brand exploration process, discussing the ethics of the company, how it would resonate with her target audience of girls aged between 4 and 13 and the brand positioning of a product like this, we came up with a number of suggestions which eventually led to the new brand name of Jody + Lara.

We wanted the Jody + Lara brand to feel organic, like it was created by children, for children. It didn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, it needed to feel hand crafted. We used two typefaces as a basis for the lettering and created hand drawn elements to provide an end result that felt truly authentic.

The journey to develop who you are as a brand, and what your brand represents, what your brand will be called, and how it will look, is a personal journey like none other.  It is a journey which is both soul searching and practical, it is an emotional and tumultuous journey, from which you will need someone to hold your hand through the process, as well as provide you with the security and experience you’re gonna need. Chris embodies both the empathy and the practicality of building a brand, as well as being a talented designer.  I have certainly found it a liberating experience, and the results are fantastic. Thank you Chris for sticking by me through this challenging process and providing me with a great brand logo!
Lucy Drage, Founder of Jody + Lara

Colour palette and logo variations were important, the logo will be used in black and white, colour, on clothing labels, online, in-store promotion, magazines, the list goes on.

Jody + Lara are still in the early stages of production, so keep a look out online and in the shops in the not too distant future!

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