Tribe of Traders

Tribe of Traders provide training, support and mentorship for traders globally who use their proprietary trading tools, semi automated strategies so that they can achieve their lifestyle freedom within 5 years.

Judy approached us after we dropped some handy hints on branding into a Facebook Group we’re both part of. We jumped on a call to discuss everything Judy and her partner Tiny wanted from the new brand and got to work.

The overarching brand, Tribe of Traders needed to be a bit different to the standard “trading” company. A logo and brand that feels like a seal of approval, something different and disruptive, fresh, modern and timeless.

I accidentally fell upon 2nd Floor, when I posted some potential logo images on FB for people to comment on and with NO expectation Chris gave me his opinions that were so genuine and revealing. He then proceeded to make mock ups of the sort of design he felt we would be wise to consider and made suggestions for me to take to our other designer – and to be honest, it led me to feeling that it was a NO BRAINER to work with 2nd Floor. So I had a call with him, he asked a series of questions, no fluff, just straight, effective and revealing questions which he summarised and created a POWERFUL series of images and logos for our business in literally a few days.  The unbelievable part of my experience with 2nd Floor, is that they NAILED it first time!!! I can not tell you how frigging amazing that is – I have worked with designers so many times and it takes so many iterations to get it right!!
Judy van Niekerk, Co-founder of Tribe of Traders

As part of the project we also provided branding for their Facebook Community and re-worked their old POGO product logo to bring it inline with the new look and feel.

2nd Floor are efficient, talented, insightful and genuinely interested in your brand enough to get the imagery, logo, designs and your technical requirements spot on in no time! I truly do recommend their services!
Judy van Niekerk, Co-founder of Tribe of Traders

We also created a pull-up banner design for their sold out 2-day workshops.

You can find out more about Tribe of Traders on their website

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